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What are your hours?

Thursday through Sunday 11:30 am-2:00 pm and 3:00 pm-8:00 pm. Closed Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s to make our Beef Broth.


Do you take reservations?

No, we are first come first serve.


Can I add my name to your waitlist over the phone?

No, you must be present to add your name to our waitlist.


Can I go back to my condo/home to wait for my table?

You must be available for your table when we call you, we are not able to hold your table. In other words, when we call to let you know your table is available, you must arrive within a couple of minutes.


We have a large group; can you accommodate us?

Yes. However, you may have to sit at separate tables and at different times depending on table availability. Your whole group must be present to be seated.

Is your food made fresh in-house or does it come prepackaged?

All of our food is made fresh each morning! We do not use prepackaged cooked marinated meats, powdered or concentrated broths.


Do you use fresh noodles or dried?

We only use freshly made noodles imported from Los Angeles.


Do you have appetizers?

Not yet, we make our food fresh daily, with the exception of our Beef Broth. Our kitchen staff works all morning to produce what we currently serve. Unfortunately, we have a small kitchen which limits the amount of food we can produce at this time. Stay tuned!


Do you have a kid's menu?

Yes, you simply build their bowl.


Why do you only have 8 bowls?

We like to focus on the owner/cooks own recipes. Think of us as you would In-and-Out restaurant with a limited menu all done to perfection.


Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 when ordered with rice noodles


Do you have Vegan options?

Yes, our number 7 is Vegan with rice noodles


Are your mushrooms and Bok Choy gluten free?



Is your OMG Sauce gluten free?

No, but it is Vegan.


Is your BBQ Pork gluten free?



Do you serve any bowls that do not contain broth?

Yes, our #5 and #8 do not contain broth, they contain our special OMG Sauce.


I have a severe peanut allergy; do you use peanuts?

We do not use peanuts in any of our dishes.


Do the Spinach Noodles contain egg and wheat?



Do the Egg Noodles contain wheat?



When I ordered spinach noodles, why does it take longer to get my meal?

Our Fresh Spinach noodles take up to 15 minutes to cook!


Can you remove the pork or tomatoes from the #3 Khao Soi?

No. Think of our Khao Soi like you would a chili, all the ingredients are simmered together.


Why are you closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s?

We use pounds and pounds of beef bones to make our beef broth, and they cook for hours. We do not have the space to produce and serve our made fresh daily items. While the giant stock pots are on the burners cooking the broth.


Why do you close between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm on the days you are open?

The kitchen changes out the water in the noodle cookers during this time and it takes a while for the water to boil, especially in the high altitude. Also, the owner/cook needs to eat lunch and rest for a few minutes from his 15 to 18-hour days.


Why do you sometimes have to stop dine-in and/or take-out before you close at 8:00 pm?

At times we receive so many orders that the kitchen will have orders to fulfill way past closing. We stop take-out and/or dine-in depending on which demand is greater. There have been times that we have had to stop dine-in and take-out early.


Why do you sometimes sell out of food?

Our food is made fresh daily, with the exception of our Beef Broth which we make on Tuesday’s and Wednesday's. We have a small kitchen and we can only produce a certain amount of fresh food. food each day.


Why don’t you put the broth separate from the noodles for take-out? And why do you charge for another container?

We are a California Certified Green Business, and two bowls is more of an environmental waste than. We have a small kitchen and cannot handle a large volume of orders. Say if we have 20 orders and did the bowls separately, that would be 40 bowls in our small kitchen with nowhere to hold them. Everything we use has gone up in cost, for example our big white to go bowls have increased in price by 65% since we opened.


Why are you a Certified California Green Business?

We care about the environment, especially here in the beautiful Eastern Sierra’s. It is important to us to do our part. If there is a “Green” version of what we use, we buy it. There are many measures you must adhere to be a Certified California Green Business and we are proud be certified.


You say you are short staffed, why don’t you just hire more people?

It is not that easy here in Mammoth. There has been and continues to be a lack of housing here in Mammoth. If you can find a place to rent, it is most likely you can’t afford to rent it. You are also competing with 25 plus other people to rent that space. If you can’t find a place to live, you can’t work here! And since the reopening after Covid shutdowns most businesses everywhere are still understaffed, especially the restaurant industry.


When did you open?

November 2019


Where are the owners from?

We live right here in Mammoth Lakes and have for almost 30 years. Pat, the cook is from Thailand and Taylor his wife is from Atlanta, GA. Their daughter was born and raised here in Mammoth Lakes.


What did you do before you opened a Restaurant?

Pat worked as a successful Architectural designer in Mammoth Lakes. Taylor worked with amazing children for the County Office of Education, at the Mammoth Lakes Library.


Why did you open a restaurant?

Pat has always been an amazing cook, our friends and family have always said he should open a restaurant. He himself has always wanted to open a restaurant. Taylor always worked a Monday through Friday job with benefits she made a hard decision the leave her job 18 year. It was a difficult decision to leave the kids with which she was working, but there was really no choice. After a couple months of not working Pat said, “Let’s open a restaurant!” Taylor said, “With what money?” He said, “Our savings.” She fell over, but it all worked out. We are fortunate to have amazing customers supporting us.


How did you survive the pandemic?

LOCAL SUPPORT! We have such an amazing group of locals that regularly eat at our restaurant. They enjoy our restaurant so much that they recommend us to their friends and visitors to the area. As a business we found ourselves navigating many challenges several times from the time we opened just previous to the pandemic to now. Fortunately, we have been successful. Love what we are doing, and others seem to love what we do as well.

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