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Picture of the family that owns Noodle-Ly

“I came to visit years ago and never left.  I was captured by the distinct beauty and change of seasons.” 

- Taylor Kumlue, Owner & General Manager, Noodle-Ly

“For many years, it’s been a dream of mine to own and operate a restaurant.” 

- Pat (Taweesak) Kumlue, Owner & Chef, Noodle-Ly

Local News!

The Forth Chapter (meaning: met, married, having a baby, opening a restaurant or something else)


Pat and Taylor Kumlue are 25+ year residents and their daughter, Makenna, was born and is being raised in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, to a native mother, Pat and his three siblings learned quickly how to respect the land and appreciate the goodness of nature. He learned to cook at an early age and those cherished memories are ingrained in the family recipes, which are now offered at Noodle-Ly. When he was thirteen, Pat and his siblings followed their mother to Southern, California, where he lived until moving to Mammoth Lakes.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Taylor was a tomboy who would try anything.  An Air-Force Father and a wild Italian Homemaking Mother raised Taylor and her two sisters.  She also learned to cook, mostly Italian, which is why Pat is the Chef at Noodle-Ly.  


Pat and Taylor met in Mammoth at Warming Hut #2, when he worked for the Mountain transportation company and she at the Sports Shop.  After getting to know each other for over a year, they decided to get married and make Mammoth Lakes their forever home. Eight years later, Makenna was born and the rest is history.


Pat has cooked for family and friends for years and always receives compliments and praise for his delectable dishes, one better than the next.  Although he dreamed of having his own restaurant, living in Mammoth can be challenging, so both Pat and Taylor took jobs to support their family.  Then, after 20 years, circumstances changed and doors opened leading to having their own restaurant.


Now, they are changing history.  In a town with many restaurants that offer similar menu items, Pat and Taylor felt they could bring something new to Mammoth and boy have they! Offering a menu of eight noodle based items, Thai coffee and a variety of teas, including Thai Tea, and soon wine and beer, all at affordable prices, Noodle-Ly is sure to be successful.  



Pat and Taylor’s main considerations were to…

  • own and operate a restaurant offering nourishing fresh food and, in a gentle way, get important nutrients into people’s bodies.  

  • have an affordable menu for locals and their families.  

  • offer something totally new to locals and tourists alike.

  • help protect the environment as much as possible by using the best post consumer recyclable products available to them, as well as ceramic and stainless steel instead of plastic.

  • display the works of artists and friends, which will be for sale.

  • make people happy and to be successful!


November 2019, the Noodle-Ly project began.  The Kumlues secured a great location, in the Minaret Village Mall, by Vons, with ample parking and easy access.


Taylor began researching and gaining food service knowledge in order to find the best suppliers, equipment and materials, at the best prices.  Suppliers were contracted, staff was hired and trained, and the business of the restaurant was put in place.  


Pat and Hiroki, who happens to be Pat’s best friend who moved to Mammoth with him in 1992, got to work, demolishing, cleaning, planning, building and improving the space and transforming it into a bright, clean, unpretentious new restaurant.  Then, Pat, after building the tables, bench, counter and sign, began perfecting his family recipes, from a batch for four to a serving for over 100.


Makenna and her best friend, Catherine, along with other friends, stopped by to help after school and on weekends, when not playing and winning Volleyball tournaments and being high school students with homework, places to be, and most importantly social media!


Being new to the family restaurant business, both Pat and Taylor know they have a lot to learn, but also know that with passion, dedication, great food, happy staff, and a little help from their friends, anything is possible! They are no strangers to hard work; both are creative and always do their best.  Although they are a little anxious, they are extremely enthusiastic in making Noodle-Ly a welcome addition to their town of Mammoth Lakes.

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